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Most probably the main reason why you have visited this website is the fact that you have been looking for some information about the famous abdominal machine called “Ab Rocket Twister”.

Ab Rocket Twister


I am pretty sure that you know how hard it can be to find reliable reviews on fitness products since every company is trying to promote their fitness equipments in the “best light possible”, while simply hiding or downplaying any negative aspects.

The reason for the creation of this website is that I want to deliver a personal in-depth & comprehensive review about “Ab Rocket Twister” and not only talk about its strengths but also its weaknesses.

I am very sure that by the end of this post you will have a much better understanding to whether this product is the right thing for you or not.

Let me start off by saying this:

If you are an individual who is interested in gaining a healthy body and a good physique, then you know that the right fitness equipments are just as important as your diet. Without the right training devices and right nutrition plan, you’re efforts will probably go to waste and you will end up being frustrated.

So in order to avoid that trap, it would be in your best interest to ignore all the “useless” ones and only purchase those worthy of their price tag.

After testing out many different fitness products, I have to admit that Ab Rocket Twister belongs to those that I use on an almost daily basis and I am really satisfied with the results it delivers.

Before I go into the positive and negative aspects of the product, I will very briefly describe what its purpose is and what features are given from the company itself:

“Ab Rocket Twister is practically an “abdominal chair” made to work your lower abs, obliques and upper abs. The backrest is cushioned and has massage rollers incorporated into it that automatically pivots with the movement of your body. You can change the resistance to 3 different levels (light, intermediate, advanced) at any time and the swivel seat allows you to turn with your lower abs and perform better.” If you want to read more about it’s features, then click here => Features & Product Description

Keeping it short, it is supposed to make your ab workouts much more efficient while at the same time causing much less back & neck strain (when compared to “conventional” ab crunches and similar exercises).

If you want to gain more information about its features, click here to read it on Amazon.com

The Negative Aspects Of “Ab Rocket Twister”

    • The hardest resistance level is not much of a challenge
    • The size of Ab Rocket Twister is just right for people who are 5’8 but it might be problematic for individuals, who are larger than 6’0
    • The back-rest is not completely vertical but is more like in a 75° angle, thus contact is not as optimal…
    • The seat could use a little more cushion; it becomes annoying after more than 20 minutes of workout.
    • You need to get used to the motions and it requires some coordination at first so that one doesn’t perform the exercises wrong.

The Positive Aspects Of “Ab Rocket Twister”

    • The best feature is most certainly the “Twist”, which works the obliques really well. The Ab Rocket, which is the model prior to this one, allowed you to only do the basic up & down motion while you are lying on your side.
    • It will definitely get rid of the back & neck strains many people receive when doing ab workouts without machines… It wonderfully supports all the critical regions of your body and you can go for as long as your muscles can take it.
    • I fully embrace the technology that is being used; it allows you to do leg lifts, knee lifts, reverse crunches and several other exercises due to the way it is designed.
    • Assembling the parts together is easy and a quick process; this is useful because you can take it with you anywhere and not get a headache every time you want to build it up again.
    • The cushions are very durable and the framework is quite stable.
    • The resistance levels are just as you would them to be. Even for a fitness coach, the “advanced” level” requires effort to endure.
    • The additional extras the manufacturer puts into your package are very promising. You receive 4 Cardio Workout DVD’s and a “Blast Away The Calories Meal Plan”, which will help you lose your fat much faster and help you tone your muscles even more.
    • You can test-drive it for 30 Days and if you are not happy with the product you will get your money back. If you purchase from the official website, you can even choose to pay it off on a monthly basis with just 14, 95 $ for the first month. Shipping is also FREE!
    • Many satisfied customer reviews on various websites can be found online… I was just as skeptical as you in the beginning and believed it to be just “another” crappy product that is being hyped up in order to get more sales, which it isn’t.

If you want to gain more info about Ab Rocket Twister, then click here to visit Amazon.com

Before I come to the “final word” of my review I will post a few customer testimonials I have found during my online research. I have actually spent some time checking out various websites to see if many people are getting the desired results with this product; testimonials that do not originate from the manufacturers website. I have to say that I discovered more positive feedback that I had guessed.

Testimonial 1 => By T.F:

Received my Ab Rocket Twister and put it together in a snap. Its comfortable, the resistance levels (there are three) are easy to take on and off and the thing is pretty comfortable! There was this “snapping type sound” at first, then read the directions that mentioned removing a couple of the screws that rubbed and it did the trick. It’s solid and works great!

Testimonial 2 => By Ackojay:

I had the regular blue Ab rocket for over 3 years and saw the new one on tv bought t from bluestone on amazon and I am very happy with the all new redesigned Ab rocket.

Buy Ab Rocket Twister For The Cheapest Price

Before considering buying this machine, there are certainly a few mandatory things you should know before doing it…

There are numerous websites that offer Ab Rocket Twister and the differences in price can vary a lot. After looking at many offers online I have found out that the safest and most affordable option is to go directly to Amazon.com and order it there. The main benefit you get from this is that you can test-drive it for full 30-Day and then decide if you are satisfied with it or not. By the way, shipping is entirely FREE.


So, all in all I will not go into even greater detail but I’ll make this quick: BUY Ab Rocket Twister if you are looking for a machine that really lasts and gives you the desired six-pack abs you always wanted to have. It is definitely a value buy and after reading so many raving reviews about it online, I really think it’s worth saving up for. I bet you will have already considered other alternatives but this one really does beat the others when it comes to efficiency.

Even if you are not 100% happy with the product, you can make use of you 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it!

Read more about the features of Ab Rocket Twister ; Gain more information about Abdominal Rocket Twister here => Ab Rocket Twister Wiki


Ab Rocket Twister – Features & Product Description

In this post I am going to give you a basic overview of the features Ab Rocket Twister has to offer. This model has many advantages and enhancements when compared to the prior model that has been released to the market.

As you probably know, the Ab Rocket Twister is primarily focused on the abdominal & core section of the body, thus you can’t expect a “One-In-All Wonder Machine” or anything of the sort. I am mentioning this because many customers, who generally buy fitness products believe that all they will need is this “ONE” machine and they are going to look like a fitness model in practical no time.

Anyways, here are the main features this model has to offer:

Ab Rocket Twister – Features

    • Fully adjustable head support – No “neck” strain
    • 3 different levels of resistance => beginner, intermediate and advanced
    • Cushion foam grip handle
    • Informs you when you have maximized your rep =>Rep Clicker
    • Padded Back Support
    • Cylinder Launch Technology
    • Padded Swivel Seat => allows you to twist and turn your body
    • Easily fold-able unit
    • Machine massages you while working out
    • Cushions move according to your body motion
    • 5 in 1 Cardio DVD Set
    • Blast Away the Calories Plan
    • 30 Day Free Trial
    • Free Shipping

Ab Rocket Twister Features


The upcoming post will be my official “review” of the Ab Rocket Twister, so be sure to check out my blog very soon!

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Ab Rocket Twister – Review Coming Soon

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my name is Josh Bradford and thank you for visiting AbRocketTwisterTest.com.

This site will help you discover if the latest abs machine called Ab Rocket Twister is a good buying decision or not. I will be covering all the details in upcoming posts and eventually give you a comprehensive review with a thorough explanation to whether  “Ab Rocket Twister” is worth it’s price tag or not.

Ab Rocket Twister

If you are anything like me, then probably you are looking for the most reliable information you can get on a product before even considering the purchase. I can assure you that you have come to the right place because I will provide you with all the relevant info you will possibly need.

The next post will describe briefly what the new features are and what the differences are. I will also show you the best place to purchase it and how you can test “Ab Rocket Twister” completely risk-free for 30 Days…

I have done a lot of research on the internet because I am very careful when investing into fitness products. My main concern is its quality and durability. The decision to buy Ab Rocket Twister occurred when a good friend of mine named George got it as a birthday present from his wife and told me all about it.

Anyways, all of these details will be covered in the next posts.

So, all I am asking from you now is to be a little patient and wait for the upcoming review and decide for yourself (once you have read it), whether or not you should buy it.

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